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[texts]Der shreḳlikher bluṭ bilbl fon Ṭisa-Eslar (in Ungaren), oder, - Shomer

Downloads: 99
[texts]Niḳolai der ershṭer, ḳeyzer fun Rusland : - Shomer

Downloads: 203
[texts]Goles Mosḳṿa : (Volume 2) - Shomer

Downloads: 72
[texts]A pedagogical explanation for the non-renormalizability of gravity - Assaf Shomer
We present a short and intuitive argument explaining why gravity is non-renormalizable. The argument is based on black-hole domination of the high energy spectrum of gravity and not on the standard perturbative irrelevance of the gravitational coupling. This is a pedagogical note, containing textbook material that is widely appreciated by experts and is by no means original.
Downloads: 7
[texts]Penrose limit and DLCQ of string theory - Assaf Shomer
We argue that the Penrose limit of a general string background is a generalization of the Seiberg-Sen limit describing M(atrix) theory as the DLCQ of M theory in flat space. The BMN theory of type IIB strings on the maximally supersymmetric pp-wave background is understood as the exact analogue of the BFSS M(atrix) theory, namely, a DLCQ of IIB string theory on $AdS_5 \times S^5$ in the limit of infinite longitudinal momentum...
Downloads: 10
[texts]Comment on Counting Black Hole Microstates Using String Dualities - Assaf Shomer
We discuss a previous attempt at a microscopic counting of the entropy of asymptotically flat non-extremal black-holes. This method used string dualities to relate 4 and 5 dimensional black holes to the BTZ black hole. We show how the dualities can be justified in a certain limit, equivalent to a near horizon limit, but the resulting spacetime is no longer asymptotically flat.
Downloads: 10
[texts]Undzer foṭer Shomer - Shomer-Bachelis, Rose
Electronic reproduction
Downloads: 156
[texts]A Note on Multi-trace Deformations and AdS/CFT - Amit Sever
We derive the general formula, at a finite cutoff, for the change in the boundary condition of a scalar field in AdS under a Multiple-trace deformation of the dual CFT. Our analysis suggests that fluctuations around the classical solution in AdS should not be constrained by boundary conditions.
Downloads: 9
[texts]Der gefangener ḳenig in aheyl miṭ fuftsig mann : eyn gants alṭe ṿunder-shene geshikhṭe ṿos a ḳapiṭan hoṭ gefunen beshrieben in abukh ṿelkher iz gelegen in a ḳasten oyf dem yam : zehr a shene geshikhṭe - Shomer, 1849-1905
Electronic reproduction
Downloads: 118
[texts]Halb menṭsh halb affe, oder, ṿu zukhṭ man dem emes̀? - Shomer, 1849-1905
Electronic reproduction
Downloads: 116
[texts]Meḥutonim fun śonim a ḳurtser roman - Shomer, 1849-1905
Electronic reproduction
Downloads: 208 (1 review)
[texts]Der Id un di grefin a hekhsṭ inṭeresanṭer un rirender roman : fun di Rusishe emigranṭen in Ameriḳa - Shomer, 1849-1905
Electronic reproduction
Downloads: 113
[texts]Dos ḳesṭele brilyanṭen, oder, oytser oyf a geroybṭe shif - Shomer, 1849-1905
Cover title
Downloads: 151
[texts]Ṿi ikh hob zey geḳenṭ porṭreṭn fun baṿusṭe Idishe perzenlikhḳeyṭn - Shomer-Bachelis, Rose
Added t.p.: As I had known them ..
Keywords: Authors, Yiddish
Downloads: 106
[texts]Der graf un der ḳorṭenshpieler, oder, tsṿey brider fun eyn muṭṭer der ḳorṭenshpiler fanarrṭ dem graf in a shenḳ un ermordeṭ ihm in ḳeller - Shomer, 1849-1905
Cover title
Downloads: 114
[texts]The Topological G2 String - Jan de Boer
We construct new topological theories related to sigma models whose target space is a seven dimensional manifold of G_2 holonomy. We define a new type of topological twist and identify the BRST operator and the physical states. Unlike the more familiar six dimensional case, our topological model is defined in terms of conformal blocks and not in terms of local operators of the original theory. We also present evidence that one can extend this definition to all genera and construct a seven-dimens...
Downloads: 4
[texts]Towards A Topological G_2 String - Jan de Boer
We define new topological theories related to sigma models whose target space is a 7 dimensional manifold of G_2 holonomy. We show how to define the topological twist and identify the BRST operator and the physical states. Correlation functions at genus zero are computed and related to Hitchin's topological action for three-forms. We conjecture that one can extend this definition to all genus and construct a seven-dimensional topological string theory...
Downloads: 8
[texts]Towards observable signatures of other bubble universes - Anthony Aguirre
We evaluate the possibility of observable effects arising from collisions between vacuum bubbles in a universe undergoing false-vacuum eternal inflation. Contrary to conventional wisdom, we find that under certain assumptions most positions inside a bubble should have access to a large number of collision events. We calculate the expected number and angular size distribution of such collisions on an observer's "sky," finding that for typical observers the distribution is anisotropic and includes...
Downloads: 4
[texts]Superstring Theory on AdS_3 x G/H and Boundary N=3 Superconformal Symmetry - Riccardo Argurio
Superstrings propagating on backgrounds of the form AdS_3 x G/H are studied using the coset CFT approach. We focus on seven dimensional cosets which have a semiclassical limit, and which give rise to N=3 superconformal symmetry in the dual CFT. This is realized for the two cases AdS_3 x SU(3)/U(1) and AdS_3 x SO(5)/SO(3), for which we present an explicit construction. We also provide sufficient conditions on a CFT background to enable a similar construction, and comment on the geometrical interp...
Downloads: 6
[texts]On Witten's Instability and Winding Tachyons - Michael Dine
We investigate, from a spacetime perspective, some aspects of Horowitz's recent conjecture that black strings may catalyze the decay of Kaluza-Klein spacetimes into a bubble of nothing. We identify classical configurations that interpolate between flat space and the bubble, and discuss the energetics of the transition. We investigate the effects of winding tachyons on the size and shape of the barrier and find no evidence at large compactification radius that tachyons enhance the tunneling rate...
Downloads: 3
[texts]The Spectrum of N=3 String Theory on AdS_3 x G/H - Riccardo Argurio
We continue the study of string theory on AdS_3 x SU(3)/U(1) and AdS_3 x SO(5)/SO(3). We compute the spacetime spectrum of the N=3 supersymmetric dual CFT using worldsheet techniques. The spectrum of chiral primaries coincides for the two models. Unlike N=4 theories, the building block of the symmetric product in spacetime (corresponding to a single long string) is not by itself in the moduli space of a symmetric product.
Downloads: 9
[texts]A note on Gauge Theories Coupled to Gravity - Tom Banks
We analyze the bound on gauge couplings $e\geq m/m_p$, suggested by Arkani-Hamed We show this bound can be derived from simple semi-classical considerations and holds in spacetime dimensions greater than or equal to four. Non abelian gauge symmetries seem to satisfy the bound in a trivial manner. We comment on the case of discrete symmetries and close by performing some checks for the bound in higher dimensions in the context of string theory.
Downloads: 8
[texts]Superstrings on AdS_3 and Symmetric Products - Riccardo Argurio
Some properties of N=2 superstrings on AdS_3 x N are studied. Their spectrum has the same pattern as 2-d CFTs in the moduli space of symmetric products M^p/S_p, where p is associated with the number of long fundamental strings required to construct the AdS_3 background, and M is the spacetime CFT corresponding to short string excitations of a single long string. Worldsheet operators associated with w long strings correspond to twisted sectors of M^p/S_p.
Downloads: 15
[texts]Hadasah di ḥalutse Daṿid Ṿelṿilesṭḳompoṭ : a dramme in 4 aḳṭin : ferfasṭ oyf dem arṭ fon Shomer - Sh. B. (Shimon Beḳerman)
Electronic reproduction
Downloads: 140
[texts]String Theory on AdS_3 and Symmetric Products - Riccardo Argurio
We consider string theory on a background of the form AdS_3 x N. Our aim is to give a description of the dual CFT in a general set up. With the requirement that we have N=2 supersymmetry in spacetime, we provide evidence that the dual CFT is in the moduli space of a certain symmetric product M^p/S_p. On the way to show this, we reproduce some recent results on string propagation on AdS_3 and extend them to the superstring.
Downloads: 7
[texts]IIA moduli stabilization with badly broken supersymmetry - Michael Dine
Scherk-Schwarz compactification in string theory can be defined as orbifolding by an R symmetry, a symmetry that acts differently on bosons and fermions. Such a symmetry can arise in many situations, including toroidal and orbifold compactifications, as well as smooth Calabi-Yau spaces. If the symmetry acts freely then for large radius there are no tachyons in the spectrum. We focus mainly on stabilization by fluxes, and give examples with all moduli stabilized where the coupling is small and th...
Downloads: 4
[texts]The quadruplex r(CGG)n destabilizing cationic porphyrin TMPyP4 cooperates with hnRNPs to increase the translation efficiency of fragile X premutation mRNA. (Volume 37) - Ofer, Noa
This article is from Nucleic Acids Research, volume 37.AbstractThe 5′ untranslated region of the FMR1 gene which normally includes 4–55 d(CGG) repeats expands to > 55–200 repeats in carriers of fragile X syndrome premutation. Although the levels of premutation FMR1 mRNA in carrier cells are 5–10-fold higher than normal, the amount of the product FMR protein is unchanged or reduced. We demonstrated previously that premutation r(CGG)n tracts formed quadruplex structures that impeded transl...
Downloads: 1
[texts]Quadruplex structures of muscle gene promoter sequences enhance in vivo MyoD-dependent gene expression. (Volume 38) - Shklover, Jeny
This article is from Nucleic Acids Research, volume 38.AbstractGene promoters are enriched in guanine clusters that potentially fold into quadruplex structures. Such quadruplexes were implicated in the regulation of gene expression, plausibly by interacting with transcription factors. We showed previously that homodimers of the myogenic transcription factor MyoD bound in vitro most tightly bimolecular quadruplexes of promoter sequences of muscle-specific genes...
[texts]Hadasah di ḥalutse [microform] : a dramme in 4 aḳṭin : ferfasṭ oyf dem arṭ fon Shomer - Sh. B. (Shimʻon Beḳerman) 01
Keywords: Yiddish Drama
Downloads: 10
[texts]The tetraplex (CGG)n destabilizing proteins hnRNP A2 and CBF-A enhance the in vivo translation of fragile X premutation mRNA. (Volume 35) - Khateb, Samer
This article is from Nucleic Acids Research, volume 35.AbstractExpansion of a (CGG)n sequence in the 5′-UTR of the FMR1 gene to >200–2000 repeats abolishes its transcription and initiates fragile X syndrome (FXS). By contrast, levels of FMR1 mRNA are 5–10-fold higher in FXS premutation carriers of >55–200 repeats than in normal subjects. Lack of a corresponding increase in the amount of the product FMRP protein in carrier cells suggest that (CGG)>55–200 tracts thwart translation...
Downloads: 1
[texts]Differential binding of quadruplex structures of muscle-specific genes regulatory sequences by MyoD, MRF4 and myogenin. (Volume 36) - Yafe, Anat
This article is from Nucleic Acids Research, volume 36.AbstractFour myogenic regulatory factors (MRFs); MyoD, Myf-5, MRF4 and Myogenin direct muscle tissue differentiation. Heterodimers of MRFs with E-proteins activate muscle-specific gene expression by binding to E-box motifs d(CANNTG) in their promoters or enhancers. We showed previously that in contrast to the favored binding of E-box by MyoD-E47 heterodimers, homodimeric MyoD associated preferentially with quadruplex structures of regulatory...
[texts]MyoD uses overlapping but distinct elements to bind E-box and tetraplex structures of regulatory sequences of muscle-specific genes. (Volume 35) - Shklover, Jeny
This article is from Nucleic Acids Research, volume 35.AbstractMuscle differentiation and expression of muscle-specific proteins are initiated by the binding of heterodimers of the transcription factor MyoD with E2A proteins to E-box motif d(CANNTG) in promoters or enhancers of muscle-specific genes. MyoD homodimers, however, form tighter complexes with tetraplex structures of guanine-rich regulatory sequences of some muscle genes...
Downloads: 2
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